So – what’s this site about? Quite simply, this blog is a dedicated place to store some important findings and tips that I and my colleagues have found in our daily work, so that they wouldn’t be scattered around DropBox, OneNote, OneDrive, e-mail, post-it-notes and multiple flavors of version controls.

Quite a few of the posts are actually based on someone else’s work that I’ve felt needed to be saved somewhere and maybe enhanced a bit, but I’ve tried to give credit where credit is due and mention the original source.


I work as a Solutions Architect at Blue Meteorite Ltd. (an independent subsidiary of Fujitsu). “What’s that supposed to mean”, you ask? Hoo boy, I wish I knew! Mostly I wrestle with stuff that’s somehow related to something technical, but sometimes I’m also managing our advertising campaigns, doing usability testing or analyzing usage data from different websites.

We make Valo Intranet, that has won international awards and is in use around the world.

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